RE:Ukraine Housing Lutsk is a temporary housing project for internally displaced Ukrainians.

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The mission of the project

Is to make Lutsk a safe comfortable place for displaced Ukrainian to start their lives over.

Project goals

  1. To provide Ukrainian IDPs with decent temporary housing during their formation
  2. To provide a platform for mental recovery to Ukrainians affected by the war
  3. Reintegrate IDPs into the local community so that they can make Lutsk their new home
About RE:Ukraine HOUSING

Work process in Zhydychyn village, Lutsk UTC

Project visualization

The concept of the project — "Dignity no matter what"

It is possible to take away one’s house, but never one’s dignity.

Who we are?

Re:Ukraine Ukraine Housing is the first private initiative aimed to provide temporary housing in Ukraine.

How are we different?

  1. We reimagine temporary housing in Ukraine

    We create a system that uses high-quality materials and innovative design and provides more privacy.

  2. We are creating a complete ecosystem

    In addition to decent, comfortable housing, people affected by the war will be provided with a range of services for their mental and physical recovery.

  3. We support integrated infrastructure

    The territory of the town will be publicly accessible – all local residents have the opportunity to use the upgraded RE:Ukraine Housing area in Lutsk.

  4. We build powerful partnerships

    We attract the best specialists and organizations to develop programs for the reintegration of IDPs into the local community and conditions and  activities for their recovery.

The project in Lutsk is the first private initiative aimed to provide temporary housing under the Re:Ukraine Ukraine Housing provision of temporary housing under the RE:Ukraine Ukraine Housing system by balbek bureau.

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12.25 he
area of the plot ≈ 18 football fields
apartments for accommodation
acquiring the plot for the settlement
12 min
from the center of Lutsk
persons who can recover at the same time
opportunities for initiatives and partnerships

Project partners

Join partner brands that finance a decent housing project for Ukrainians who have been forced to leave their homes – RE:Ukraine Housing.

Together we can change the world for the better.

How to help?

  1. With funds

    You can support us from anywhere in the world – we will provide a convenient way for you.

    Make a contribution directly to the NGO's account

  2. With expertise

    Donate furniture, building materials, gadgets, supplies, and more.
    We will calculate for you a specific quantity for the manufacture of one or several structures and will report everything for.

  3. With resources

    Do you have expertise and experience working with IDPs and other Ukrainians affected by the war? We are looking for partners! Leave a message and we will get back to you soon.

Project timeline

  • Commissioning balk bureau to create a project in Lutsk under their newly introduced system RE:Ukraine Housing
  • Designing the settlement
  • Acquiring the plot for the settlement
  • Fundraising
  • Prefabrication of the housing section
  • Acquiring a permit from the local authorities
  • Paving the road
  • Installation of an experimental model of a house on a plot
  • Opening of the first section of the settlement
  • Conducting electricity to the object
  • Search for partnerships

Support the project

Currently collected
$ 330 413
Left to collect
$ 4 401 934

Blocks scheme

Blocks scheme

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Questions and answers

Who implements RE:Ukraine Housing Lutsk?

The initiator of the project is the team of the NGO «Algoritm Diy». IIts founders turned to the Kyiv workshop balbek bureau to design a concept of temporary housing settlement under the RE:Ukraine Housing system for the village of Zhydychyn. The project is financed by contributions to the NGO.

Learn more about the RE:Ukraine Housing system

Who is financing the project?

After we are sure that all IDPs will receive the necessary assistance, we will be able to reformat the town into a rehabilitation center or a rehabilitation complex for veterans. We realize that even after the victory, millions of Ukrainians will still need the help of specialists.

What is planned within the complex area?

In addition to the actual residential buildings, the settlement project includes a complete ecosystem and infrastructure. This includes common areas designed for joint activities, personal and group classes, as well as cozy recreational spaces for recovery. To maintain the settlement, there will be an administrative center and a guard post.

It is worth noting that in the pilot version of the project will feature the infrastructure only partially. More infrastructure will be added as the settlement grows. Includes parking lots, bicycle paths, waterfront recreation areas, children's and sports areas, first aid stations, food and service outlets, etc.

Where is the settlement?

In the village of Zhydychyn, Lutsk, UTC is 10 km from the center of Lutsk (12 minutes by car).

When the war ends, what will happen to the temporary housing?

The project is funded by contributions to the NGO. To date, all funds have been donated by private benefactors and the organization is actively negotiating with international donors and partners for financial support.


The non-profit organization “Algorithm of Actions” is a private owner of a land plot with a total square of 6.0 hectares (cadastral number 0721882700:07:000:0072), located at the territory of the Lutsk United Territorial Community.

According to the Law of Ukraine “On Regulation of Urban Development Activities,” a conclusion with the registration number XB01:4729-8378-1081-2825 has been obtained from the Department of Urban Development, Land Resources, and Advertising of the Lutsk City Council.


According to paragraph 2 of paragraph 92 section V of the Law of Ukraine "On Regulation of Town Planning Activities", the placement of temporary structures for the livelihood of the population is carried out on the basis of the approved scheme for the placement of such structures, the scheme was developed by an architect who has a qualification certificate, in the form of an electronic document and entered to the Register of construction activities in the format specified by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine in the Procedure for maintaining the electronic system.

(Project documentation number PD01:3414-9588-8144-1294).


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