Temporary housing project for internally displaced Ukrainians. It is a part of the national RE:Ukraine Housing system developed by balbek bureau.

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The mission of the project – is to make Lutsk a safe comfortable place for displaced Ukrainian to start their lives over.

The goal – is to provide Ukrainian professionals with a dignified temporary housing and integrate them into the local community so that they can make Lutsk their new home.


The construction process in Zhydychyn village

Project visualization

The concept of the project — "Dignity no matter what"

It is possible to take away one’s house, but never one’s dignity.

How are we different?

Temporary housing is not considered desirable and is usually associated with:
  • tiny space
  • poor quality of materials
  • containers
  • isolation
We reimagine temporary housing in Ukraine and build a living ecosystem with:
  • more privacy
  • high-quality materials
  • innovative design
  • integrating infrastructure

The project in Lutsk is the first private initiative aimed to provide temporary housing under the Re:Ukraine Ukraine Housing system by balbek bureau in a fast, efficient and responsible way.

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The project is located in the village of Zhidychyn, on the outskirts of the city. Lutsk. The plot is located on the river bank with a wonderful landscape and access to the water.

12.25 hectares
Total square of the plot
6.0 ha
Area for temporary housing
7552.3 m2
Total area of the living
Number of residents
Number of parking spaces
The number of sections

Project timeline

  • Commissioning balk bureau to create a project in Lutsk under their newly introduced system RE:Ukraine Housing
  • Designing the settlement
  • Acquiring the plot for the settlement
  • Fundraising
  • Prefabrication of the housing section
  • Acquiring a permit from the local authorities
  • Paving the road
  • Installation of an experimental model of a house on a plot
  • Opening of the first section of the settlement

Blocks scheme

Blocks scheme
need to collect
$ 4 732 347
currently collected
$ 330 413
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Questions and answers

Who is behind the RE:Ukraine Housing Lutsk project?

The initiator of the project is the team of the NGO "Algoritm Diy". Its founders commissioned the balbek bureau to design a concept of temporary housing settlement under the RE:Ukraine Housing system for the village of Zhydychyn. The project is financed by contributions to the NGO.

Who will be able to get housing in the RE:Ukraine Housing Lutsk complex?

Since "Algorithm of Actions" is involved in developing a professional community in Lutsk, the housing priority will be given to people who plan to live in Lutsk permanently.

How far is the settlement from the city of Lutsk?

The village of Zhydychyn is 10 kilometers from the center of Lutsk (15 minutes by car).

What is situated within the settlement?

In addition to the actual housing, the settlement provides a parking lot, a bicycle lane, a recreational waterfront area, a space for public gatherings, sports and play grounds, a co-working space, a childcare facility, a pharmacy, a first aid station, places to eat and get based services (hair salons, dry cleaners, etc.).

To maintain the settlement, there will be an administrative center and a guard post. It is worth noting that in the pilot version of the project will feature the infrastructure only partially. More infrastructure will be added as the settlement grows.

How to get housing in RE:Ukraine Housing Lutsk?

Applications for housing will be open after the opening of the first housing section and the adjacent infrastructure.


The non-profit organization “Algorithm of Actions” is a private owner of a land plot with a total square of 6.0 hectares (cadastral number 0721882700:07:000:0072), located at the territory of the Lutsk United Territorial Community.

According to the Law of Ukraine “On Regulation of Urban Development Activities,” a conclusion with the registration number XB01:4729-8378-1081-2825 has been obtained from the Department of Urban Development, Land Resources, and Advertising of the Lutsk City Council.


According to paragraph 2 of paragraph 92 section V of the Law of Ukraine "On Regulation of Town Planning Activities", the placement of temporary structures for the livelihood of the population is carried out on the basis of the approved scheme for the placement of such structures, the scheme was developed by an architect who has a qualification certificate, in the form of an electronic document and entered to the Register of construction activities in the format specified by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine in the Procedure for maintaining the electronic system.

(Project documentation number PD01:3414-9588-8144-1294).


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